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Save Money on Dental Care!!


Over 30 Discount Dental Programs available nationwide!  
Programs vary by zip code.  
Individual, family and group plans available.  
Plans starting as low as $79.95 per year!

Your membership discount savings can be up to 60% 
Savings vary by location.
Thousands of dentists nationwide.

Some discount dental programs also include discounts for:
vision, prescriptions, chiropractic and hearing services.

Discount dental programs are an affordable alternative to expensive dental insurance.  
Membership in discount dental programs continues to grow, tell your friends and small business owners

No waiting period,  No deductible,  No paperwork,  
No age limit, No annual maximums
Ongoing problems accepted,  Affordable, Instant Savings

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Discount dental and discount medical programs are NOT insurance.  Discount dental and discount medical programs are most suited for people who are uninsured or under-insured or with high deductibles.  The more dental and medical expenses you pay out of your pocket, known as Consumer Driven Health Care, the more you can save with discount dental or medical programs.  Join today and start saving money for you and your family with your membership card discounts. 

Call Jerry Lucas today or
Join our Mailing List for more information on discount dental and medical programs.  Jerry Lucas is a Colorado licensed insurance agent for life and health insurance.  If you need insurance, call Jerry for a Free Quote or get a free quote online.

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You can verify participating dentists and other healthcare providers in your area before you join.



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